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Endotracheal Tubes With Suction Tube

Endotracheal Tubes With Suction Tube

Model NM-B011 Color Transparent
Size 3.0-9.0mm Brand Nouman or OEM
Shelf time 5 years

Endotracheal tube with suction  

1. Non-toxic, medical grade PVC/silicone material; Clear, soft and smooth;
2. High volume, low pressure cuff, maintains seal throughout ventilator cycle
3. Both inner and outer surfaces of the tube are lubricated to ensure smooth intubation.
4. Flexible to conform to patient position; optimum choice for surgery when bending or compression of the tube is likely to occur
5. Smoothly finished tube tip minimizes trauma during intubation
6. Specially designed tube shape for nasal or oral intubation

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