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Safety I.V Cannula

Safety I.V Cannula

Model NM-C008 Color Can be customized
Size 18-24G Brand Nouman or OEM
Shelf time 5 years

Type: Seal type, ,injection type, butterfly tye, Pen type

Specification: 0.7 mm(24G),0.9 mm(22G),1.1 mm(20G),1.3 mm(19G),1.6mm(18G)

Feature: Produced by imported automatic production line, automatic control, guarantee perfect quality.

Antithrombotic type, patent product, special design, patent technology: adopt the special technics, by using physical mechanics principle, created and applied a new extension tube which caused continuous positive pressure, giving the catheter a constant forward positive pressure, effectively prevent blood reflux, and tarombokinesis. Prevent thrombus by physical methods but rather than medicant.It can also greatly facilitate the operation and usage to nurses, no need to flush the catheter, seal the catheter, and clear the catheter.

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