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Disposable Overall Gown

Disposable Overall Gown

Model NM-COVID196 Color Blue,Green,White
Size S,M,L,XL Brand Nouman or OEM
Shelf time 5 years
Products Description
Disposable protection gown
S-165, M-175, L-180, XL-185
SMS or PP+PE (standard material for medical protective clothing)
Jumpsuit structure, consists of a hooded top and trousers.
Scope of application
Suitable for clinical staff to provide barrier & protection in the work environment with the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions.
This product is non-sterile;It can be used in hospital, just hospital staff need to do sterilization before using;
It can effectively resist the penetration of bacteria, viruses, alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, can effectively
protect wearer from the theat of infection.
It's made by designated factory of govermment procurement with reliable quality with competitive Price.
Ways to wear protective clothing

1) Expand protective clothing;  

2) Pull the zipper apart;

3) Put into the legs from the zipper opening in turn;
4) Wear upper coat
5) Stick hands out of sleeves;
6) Wear hooded;
7) Pull the zipper from the front of the chest;
8) Tear off the off-type paper on the double - sided adhesive and press the seal from top to bottom.
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